Monday, March 24, 2014

New Purpose.

The class of med students that I started medical school with about three and a half years ago just celebrated their Match Day last week. I'm happy that my med school friends seem to have generally matched into specialties and locations that they're rather pleased with. Then again, I was never super super close with the vast majority of my med school classmates, so instead of bringing on bouts of depression and self-pity as others have told me this milestone can induce in the MD-PhD kids that get "left behind" in med school/grad school/life, the recent Match Day celebrations have made me realize something a bit more tangential: I have approximately four years to find The Best Match Day Song Ever*. And what better place to keep track of my ideas than in the revival of this old blog? Exactly.

*So different schools do Match Day differently, but at ours when it's your Match Day you have the option of picking a song that gets played for all of 10 seconds when your name is called as you walk from your seat to the front of the room to find out where you've matched. It's like the music they play during award shows on TV to avoid the awkward silence that might otherwise ensue as winners make their way to the stage.

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