Monday, April 28, 2014

John Mayer - Say

One thing they do at our medical school is this thing called "Faces of Patients" where
they begin the very first day of med school with an activity where patients 
from the community with various conditions walk up to the front of the room 
and say a few things about themselves before they dramatically reveal that
"I am the face of ____insert condition here____ ."

The whole thing is supposed to make us all suddenly realize that 
patients are people and not just conditions (no way!). 
You know, because it's definitely not like they check for something like that 
before admitting people to med school, so it's important to teach that 
lesson on day one, which this activity may or may not do -- I don't know 
how they quantify those sorts of things. 

The reason this is relevant to the Match Day Music Blog is this: a key feature 
of Faces of Patients is that throughout this entire session where people 
walk up to the microphone one by one and describe themselves, 
John Mayer's Say is playing in the background. 
The. Entire. Time. 

This equates to, as I remember it, a solid 20 minutes or so of Say on loop.
That is what I remember about the first day of medical school. 

Specifically because of this, using Say would bring a sort of ironic continuity
to the whole thing. And how funny it would be to head up to the microphone 
to read the paper in your envelope and first announce that 
"I am the face of matching/
sleep deprivation/
a future resident/
about to be graduated/
being officially done subsidizing all the alcohol that my classmates consume." 

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